Eating on the Farm

Woodburner Firepit BBQ Cabin
The top of the woodburner is big enough to heat a saucepan for a simple supper or a kettle for a brew.
You can also open the door and toast your marshmallows over the fire.
In front of each shepherd’s hut is a fire pit.

Your hut comes with all the equipment you should need to cook a gourmet meal over the flames.
This is a fun way of cooking, with a bottle of wine, watching the sun going down, and the stars appearing in the sky.

The Scandanavians created a BBQ in a hut. It is very enjoyable space, with seating right around the edge and the BBQ in the middle.
Like any BBQ, the charcoal should be left till the coals are glowing before cooking. So light up then spend some time enjoying the view with an aperitif. Make the most of slow cooking!

firepit eating

We supply:
All the firewood; we’re happy to help if you are new to lighting fires.
Under your hut is a zeer pot for keeping things cool (but being off grid there is no freezer)
Inside your hut there is cooking equipment for cooking on the firepit or in the BBQ cabin, plus an indoor pan and kettle.
China, cutlery, utensils, washing up liquid and drinking water is all in the hut
Starter essentials for the kitchen including organic milk, filter coffee, tea, sugar, and marshmallows.