Where it all started


Long before our doors first opened to our very first guest the glamping business was being shaped.

We wanted to create somewhere that our guests could truly getaway to somewhere they would want to return to again and again.  The planning was far reaching – not just the accomodation but the whole environment.  

The idea took shape using many  Permaculture principles.  We aimed to develop a place where everything felt in the right place and visitor’s could forget the outside world for a while.  We wanted it to feel effortless, beautiful and sustainable.  This meant putting in a lot of upfront effort! For several years we visiting other hospitality businesses, analysing what felt right and what we could improve.  

Most importantly planning and developing the forest garden around our 3 different accommodations to create a lovely spot that showed off our view but allowed for privacy.

Our farm has been in our hands since 1998 and the now forest garden was originally our plant nursery.  Planting started to convert this to our forest garden in 2013, and it was allowed to grow over the following few years whilst the venue took shape.

Making it special

We didn’t want anyone visiting to thinking it is just another glamping sight.  We wanted each hut to have a distinct personality.  Having come from a career in rug designing the accomodation interior was very important to get right.  We aimed for a relaxed look with antique furnishings selected for the hut, and individual colour schemes.  No two interiors look a like.  We also wanted to keep it very small and private – so there is just 3 accommodations in total.  

Since opening our doors in 2016 we have each year continued to evolve our business around our guests and what we have gleaned from an ever changing requirements.

Visitors who have returned year after year have noticed marked changes as the forest garden and surrounding facilities have grown to make our guest’s stay ever more special.