These are a few of the birds often spotted in the forest garden.  There are others and we love to hear about your spottings.

If you are interested in finding out about the birds on your visit here then listening is the best starting point.  There are wonderful Apps that idenetify bird songs, such as Merlin Bird ID.

Barn Owl

We have a breeding pair nesting in our barn. They can often be spotted at dusk hovering over our fields.


These can be spotted all year round. Despite the territorial nature of the robin, the forest garden supports multiple birds.


Look out for these during Spring and summer. They nest in our barns before spending the winter in Africa.

Collared Dove

More delicate than a wood pigeon they are a grey pink colour.


These are often seen over us. They are quite large and eat small mamals.

Great tit

Colourful and often easily spotted. They have a very distinctive song like a squeaky see saw


You're unlikely to spot this tiny brown bird but you have a good chance of hearing its wonderful rich song ove us.


Lovely looking birds that can often be seen in a group.


More looks than brains. In a rural location like this there are often pheasants close by.


There presents can be heard with their lovely song. Often spotted high in the trees

pied wagtail

As their name suggests their tail is constantly bobbing as they bob around amongst the trees


Easily spotted with their colourful plumage.


Named after its song. They love a woodland setting and can be heard in the forest garden.


Full of character they are often spotted amongst the trees.

House Sparrow

They can be spotted holding onto a branch swinging in the breeze.


There's a good chance they will bring you joy or possibly gold in our fields! (poem)


Like a tiny brown ball. Their song of this tiny bird is very powerful and very evident.


Smaller than the great tit. These are nesting in old fence posts within the forest garden.