Barn Owl

This has to be our favourite bird on our farm.  We were keen to do all we could to attract a barn owl as soon as we built our barns over 20 years ago.  We consulted with the Barn Owl Trust an had a barn owl nesting box installed. We waited – and we waited.  […]

Roe Deer

The rolling Dorset countryside with plentiful woodlands makes for a perfect habitat for our native roe deer.  It’s not uncommon for me to spot them on my daily walks in the fields around us – but this still makes them fascinating to see.   Recently I woke in the middle of the night and looked out […]


Each spring we look forward to the arrival of our swallows.  They bring an energy with them. They swoop into the barn as though they have not been away and then swoop out again, proceeding to fill the sky with their acrobatics and chattering talk. It is hard to imagine they have just travelled over […]