A Garden of Eden...

I like to feel the very first ever garden, “The Garden of Eden” was a food forest. The bible says of Eden “He made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit.”

I always picture it as layers of trees, shrubs and vegetation permanently growing and producing food for birds, animals and people alike. This has been the inspiration for our food forest (forest garden). We share it with wildlife and select permanent plants that are companion plants (that benefit the plants around them), beautiful (giving us sensory pleasure) or producing a harvest (this could be for food, medicinal, drinks or dyeing). This in turn is great for the environment.

Did you know some trees can live up to 3,500 years? Imagine what wisdom they could share with us if they could talk!

In parts of the world where land has been deforested it has badly affected their weather, as trees regulate temperature and help to bring water inland at a very functional level. But trees are also good for our souls; as our forest garden developed we noticed a continual growth in our bird population – something we love.

Sustainability to us has to start with trees. Our forest garden is a young food forest. Each year we invest money from the glamping back into planting more trees. This is at no extra cost to our guests, it is our passion. We have children so are looking to the future of our beautiful planet.