Start Grid Ref: ST 47000 03245 (see map)
Park in the entrance to Common Water Lane.

Walk highlights:

Panoramic Views
Wild deer

Duration : 
1 – 1.5 hours

Walking boots or wellies are advisable.  There are steep hills and (during winter) mud.  

From your car walk up the hill along the road
Go through the first gate on your right. It has a log just behind it - enough room to walk through (shut the gate behind you)
Walk straight across the field just to the left of the woodland visible from the gate
Go through the gate marked footpath
The view from here is stunning!
Turn to your right and walk alongside the woodland
Go through the gate to the left of the woodland
Head for the bottom corner of this field - there is a gate with a yellow disk marking it
After the gate head to just left of the house that is visible - you should see the gate
Cross the road and walk up the farm lane opposite. You will go right through the farmyard
Continue on the lane until you come out into a field
Once in the field walk straight ahead - you are aiming for just right of the thickest part of the woodland.
To your right you will see Horn Park - the gate in front of it is not the one you are going through - the footpath goes further left
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.46.40
There is a double stile just below the horizon
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.47.05
After the stile walk up the hill alongside Horn Park's garden as far as the gate and then turn left
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.47.20
Cross the field above the lake - path should be apparent
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.47.35
Go through the wooden gate and then the metal gate
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.47.47
After the metal gate turn right and keep the hedge on your right
Enjoy the view!
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.48.26
Enter the woodland (use the metal gate (the wooden one won't move!)
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.48.37
Stay on the path that passes below the building on your right
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.48.51
The path continues - just follow it
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.49.08
Climb up the hill following the path
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.49.26
At the end of the path you will come out onto another track - turn right
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.49.52
This track keeps going for some distance and will bring you out by your car
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 15.50.25
Keep an eye out for a gate on your right - if you peer over this gate - there is a great view from here!
The View