Hooke Park in Dorset is a fascinating place to walk and a must-see for visitors to West Dorset.  If you are lucky enough to visit in April then the woodland is filled with bluebells that cover the woodland floor.

It is just a few miles from our shepherd’s huts at Dorset Forest Garden.  It combines ancient bluebell woodland (tracing its roots back to the middle ages), with cutting edge architecture.

Access is easy, with a public right of way through the woods.  The network of paths pass incredible organic shaped architectural structures created by students  studying at the Architectural Association’s school within the woods.  It is a truly uplifting place to visit.

According to Dorset Magazine:

“bluebell lovers in Dorset are roughly divided into two categories – those who have never visited Hooke Park and those whose favourite bluebell wood is Hooke”

Even if you’re not lucky enough to be in Dorset in April/May it is still worth a visit.  Simply park at the entrance and follow the main path all the way to the bottom. The scenery on the way is beautiful and you’ll see a number of organic structures on your right.   At the bottom you’ll find yourself in the hub of the campus, surrounded by fascinating wooden architecture.  From here you can carry on along a clockwise track that’ll bring you out after about a mile onto the road again, a short walk along the road will bring you back to your car.