We are super chuffed to announce that we have increased our solar system, calculated to make us energy neutral or, to be more precise, a net energy provider!  Not only has this meant a 200% increase in our solar array but – with the addition of battery backup – we can store energy in the daytime for use at night.  This still means on a sunny day there is plenty of electricity to feed back to the grid.

The size of our carbon footprint is important to us – if we can do our bit for the planet we hope this has a knock on effect to all our guests’ carbon footprints too.  Something that is important to many who stay with us!  You may know we are a Green Tourism Gold Award Winner, and our interest in sustainability comes from our love of the natural world.  We want to steward our little corner of Dorset to the best of our ability.

With energy costs currently soaring the value of this move makes sense both for the environment as well as in the savings it makes.  These savings will help us to carry on offering luxury glamping without hiking our prices up.  We want a stay with us to be a place to rest and recharge.

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