Choosing the Pub For Your Walk

Beaminster is just 2 miles from Dorset Forest Garden and for a small town has a great range of places to eat and drink.

For a mid morning coffee try Cilla and Camila.  This is an independently owned gift shop with cafe.  We often pop in here when in Beaminster.

If you are looking for a pub lunch we recommend the aptly named Greyhound Inn.  The owners Gail, Brian and Jo have their own greyhounds.  It serves a wide range of real pub food with drinks from the local brewery.  If you are looking for a table at a particular time you may need to book as it is very popular.

For a special occasion the Ollerod is a must.  It has been named by several publications as one of the best restaurants in the country.  Though we can’t compare it ourselves we can say it is where we visit for a special occasion!

This is just a selection of places you could visit if you did a pub walk whilst glamping with us.   There are other worthy eateries in Beaminster to be on our list but I feel I should talk about the walk itself then leave it to you to choose the venue for your meal!

The Walk...

We are on the Hardy Way.  This is a stunning walk connecting up many of the towns and villages written about by Thomas Hardy.  Beaminster is Emminster in Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

From our entrance turn left and roughly 50 metres on the right is the Hardy Way.  Follow these signs through the fields and it will bring you out onto a track.  At the track you can either turn right or left.  Both directions give you beautiful vistas to the Jurassic coast and both have further footpaths to take you down to Beaminster.

I’ll keep the directions this simple – as it is well marked and it gives you choice for the return.  In winter wellies may be necessary as you may need to wade through puddles, but it is worth it.

I think I should tell you about the hill.  The road from Beaminster is called White  Sheet Hill and has a gradient of 20% at its steepest.  This means the walk to Beaminster is a lovely downhill ramble, but the walk back is a little more taxing!  If you are not a walker you may decide to walk to the pub and get a taxi home.  You won’t be alone – many have done this in the past and you can enjoy a supper out without clock watching.

Whichever route you choose it is worth savouring Beaminster and treating yourself to a meal out.

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