A Visit To Furleigh Estate Vineyard

We were thrilled to receive an invite from Furleigh Estate to have a tour and wine tasting.  As the best vineyard in the country – and just 6 miles from us – this was an invite we could not refuse. The weather was on our side – a warm spring day – when we met […]

Helping to Reduce Your Holiday Footprint!

We are super chuffed to announce that we have increased our solar system, calculated to make us energy neutral or, to be more precise, a net energy provider!  Not only has this meant a 200% increase in our solar array but – with the addition of battery backup – we can store energy in the […]


Each spring we look forward to the arrival of our swallows.  They bring an energy with them. They swoop into the barn as though they have not been away and then swoop out again, proceeding to fill the sky with their acrobatics and chattering talk. It is hard to imagine they have just travelled over […]

Our Green Ducks

Ducks have long been a favourite feature of our Forest Garden. Many of our shepherd’s huts’ guests write about the joy they bring as they join them by the fire pit in the evening, or simply waddling around the place chatting and laughing amongst themselves. There is something very humorous about a happy duck – […]