Barn Owl

This has to be our favourite bird on our farm.  We were keen to do all we could to attract a barn owl as soon as we built our barns over 20 years ago.  We consulted with the Barn Owl Trust an had a barn owl nesting box installed. We waited – and we waited.  […]

Roe Deer

The rolling Dorset countryside with plentiful woodlands makes for a perfect habitat for our native roe deer.  It’s not uncommon for me to spot them on my daily walks in the fields around us – but this still makes them fascinating to see.   Recently I woke in the middle of the night and looked out […]

Pub Walk to Beaminster

Choosing the Pub For Your Walk Beaminster is just 2 miles from Dorset Forest Garden and for a small town has a great range of places to eat and drink. For a mid morning coffee try Cilla and Camila.  This is an independently owned gift shop with cafe.  We often pop in here when in […]

Why a Forest Garden

A Garden of Eden… I like to feel the very first ever garden, “The Garden of Eden” was a food forest. The bible says of Eden “He made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit.” I always picture it as layers of trees, shrubs and vegetation permanently growing and producing food for […]