Why a Forest Garden

A Garden of Eden… I like to feel the very first ever garden, “The Garden of Eden” was a food forest. The bible says of Eden “He made all kinds of beautiful trees grow there and produce good fruit.” I always picture it as layers of trees, shrubs and vegetation permanently growing and producing food for […]

Helping to Reduce Your Holiday Footprint!

We are super chuffed to announce that we have increased our solar system, calculated to make us energy neutral or, to be more precise, a net energy provider!  Not only has this meant a 200% increase in our solar array but – with the addition of battery backup – we can store energy in the […]

Our Green Ducks

Ducks have long been a favourite feature of our Forest Garden. Many of our shepherd’s huts’ guests write about the joy they bring as they join them by the fire pit in the evening, or simply waddling around the place chatting and laughing amongst themselves. There is something very humorous about a happy duck – […]

Passive Solar Farm House

One question we have frequently been asked by new guests arriving to stay in our shepherd’s huts is – Was your house on Grand Designs it looks familiar? No it wasn’t; though our architects were keen, we were less enthusiastic with the idea of having cameras to record when things were going wrong!!!  It was […]